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Advocates for Community Wellness is a faith-based health promotion and disease prevention ministry without walls  and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit local community organization.  We are a grassroots, health advocacy group comprised of health professionals such as nutritionists, culinary arts enthusiasts, health educators, fitness trainers, nurses, healthcare providers and individuals who have a genuine interests in better health and  wellbeing. Since 2003, we have been serving communities in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area through our Annual Health Awareness Education Outreach Programs. We also host and participate in monthly wellness forums,  health fairs, and conduct nutrition education and hands-on cooking classes.


 Our theme is "Creating of Culture of WELLTH”. Our main objective is to bring awareness and health education to families and individuals who reside in under-resourced areas and are at higher risk of developing health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic conditions.  The three founding members (Dale M. Cain, Emma Cunningham, and Evangelist LaVada Patterson) along with current board members and supporters have invested their personal resources to support and advance the work of the  ministry.


The mission of Advocates for Community Wellness (A4CW) is to reduce barriers to health equity, decrease health disparities and increase health literacy in underserved populations. By offering wholistic services for the mind, body and spirit, we provide supportive resources to help families identify risk factors and manage chronic illnesses through the education of healthy lifestyles, fitness and proper nutrition.


We envision that Advocates for Community Wellness will become an international institution for nutrition and health promotion, disease prevention, and a wellness restoration organization. By taking a wholistic approach to wellness and empowering people at the community level where they live, work, learn, worship and play, Advocates for Community Wellness plays an active role in maintaining, sustaining and restoring good health in body, mind, and spirit. We seek to provide linkages to resources that support wellbeing and to educate underserved communities on the eight dimensions of wellness to improve quality of life.

Our Commitment

Advocates for Community Wellness is committed to serving everyone with respect and dignity  and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnic background, age or sexuality. We value community, integrity, service, equality, diversity, and equity.

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