Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc.

    "A Wholistic Approach To Wellness by Caring For the Spirit, Mind & Body."

Welcome to Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc.
A Faith-based Health Promotion Ministry Without Walls
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The mission of Advocates for Community Wellness is to promote vitality and longevity through the education of healthy lifestyles, fitness, and proper nutrition. We also seek to raise awareness and help communities identify and reduce risk factors linked to chronic disease conditions.  Our motto is "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."  Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine


We envision that Advocates for Community Wellness will become an international institution for health promotion, disease prevention, and a wellness restoration organization. By taking a holistic approach to wellness and empowering people at the community level to take an active role in maintaining, sustaining and restoring good health in spirit, mind and body.  Our goal is to focus and educate communities in underserved and low-income areas on the eight dimensions of wellness to improve quality of life and longevity.