Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc.

    "A Wholistic Approach To Wellness by Caring For the Spirit, Mind & Body."

Customer Testimonials

"I can finally take off my jacket.  I have covered my body with jackets for years because I was not pleased with my shape and body weight.  After taking advantage of the hands on cooking and nutrition classes along with the support groups, now I have a better understanding about food and control over food.  And I how it works in the body.  I lost several pounds about 50 and my doctor has reduces some of my medication and eliminated one.  Thank you so much, I have gained my confidence back."

- Lora H, Homemaker, 


"I use to drink about a liter of soda a day maybe more.  I would say, I was addicted.  After attending the nutrition education and hands on cooking class, I stop drinking my calories and have switch to other strategies that I have learned in the hands on nutrition education and cooking class.  This is just the first step to many to follow.  Thanks now, I re-think my drinks before I consume liquid calories.  

- Cheryl M.,Retired Customer Service Representive


"I love to eat, really good tasting foods, but I know it is not totally good for me. especially when it comes to managing my diabetes.  After attending the nutrition education and cooking classes I know that needed both components to manage health more effectively and to achieve the results you want to manifest in your life, come off my diabetes medication.  I know now the relationships between the type of foods I eat and the elevated glucose level  readings.  I have a much better CONTROL over my portions with the knowledge and understanding I gained by taking the class and attending the monthly support group.  

- Cathy S., Retail Management