Advocates for Community Wellness, Inc.

    "A Wholistic Approach To Wellness by Caring For the Spirit, Mind & Body."

Healthy Families = Healthy Communities Wellness Programs

Wellness Workshops

We customize wellness workshops, lunch and learn forums and discussion groups to address any health topics like how to  decrease your risk of health conditions through nutrition and fitness or cancer wellness forums. Can food really makes a difference in my recovery and restoring my health after a diagnosis? Come and find out!!!

Monthly Support Groups (Heart Health, Cancer & Diabetes)

Diabetes Monthly support group were created to assist diabetics, pre-diabetics and anyone with a chronic conditions to not only self-manage their condition but assist with restoring their health through nutrition and health education.  

Hands on Healthy Cooking Classes

Most people are aware that making some changes in their eating habits would improve their health. Classes can be a 2-12 week cooking class series. Each class is co-facilitated with a nutrition educator and culinary instructor. 

Nutrition Education Programs
Increasing your knowledge of nutrition and diet is at the heart of Advocates for Community Wellness.  It is our belief that health first starts with what we are putting into our bodies.  In our nutrition classes you will learn the importance and the impact of how food impacts our health.  Workshops are monthly but can be customized to fit your needs.

Stress Management

Meditation and stress buster classes are excellent tools to help to relieve stress. Life can be very hectic with work, family, friends and commitments.  The "Meditation & Stress Buster Class" is designed to levitated some of the pressure of  life,helps you to redirect and focus your energy and thoughts.


Being physical fit is just as important as nutrition. Studies have supported all of the wonderful benefits of being in shape. Exercise improves heart health, helps to control blood sugar in diabetics, improves health outcomes of cancer patients. and increase longevity in cardiovascular patients.  Exercise, daily physical activity is vital for good health.  

Lifestyle Medicine & Nutrition

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.  Learn more about how to incorporate balanced nutrition, healthy cooking strategies and physical activity in your life and the lives of your family.   Most people will agree that if you improve your diet you can improve your health. 

Learn more about HEALTHY & FIT Family Program which promotes    healthy lifestyle behaviors and assist you to achieve a healthy weight through food, nutrition education training and fitness.  You can register for a 10 week, 6 week or 4 week program.  One on one private consultations are available  too.  Call 773-627-0703 to schedule an appointment.


Personal Consultation are available to fit most budgets and are scheduled at a convenient time for the client.  If you are struggling with getting the results you desire with your health, consider making an appointment for a more personal and individualized consultation.  Group consultations are available too.